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Then you’ve come to the right place! Kapitalize With Karo is dedicated to educating and empowering women with the right tools, knowledge, and advice needed to help you live your best life!

Let’s create an actionable money plan that will bring you a peace of mind by making sure you are able to manage your finances and build wealth to live a life of happiness and freedom that you deserve! 

We can work on

  • Creating a real, actionable, individualized money plan to get your finances in order OR refining your current budget.
  • Effectively managing and overcoming your debts so they are no longer a burden.
  • Learning how to save for emergencies and financial goals while having some “TREAT YO’SELF” money as well.
  • How you can start investing for retirement based on your situation.
  • Learning basic information about investing 101 that goes beyond retirement accounts.
  • Learning how to travel hack so you can start seeing the world, without breaking the bank!
  • Something else? Tell me. The goal is to eventually make your money work for you!

So are you ready to start feeling better about your money and gain the confidence you need to make the right financial decisions so you can live your BEST LIFE?

Choose from any of the packages below:

1-on-1    90 Minute Individual Coaching Session: Getting your finances in order  (ONLY $147!)


  • Cover in-depth education session on 2-3 money topics of your choice. (budgeting, paying off debt, saving, investing for retirement, or travel hacking so you can start learning now to travel for less)
  • We create a realistic money plan so you can start feeling confident about your next money moves to start crushing your financial goals
  • Three customizable google spreadsheets: an Emergency Fund Calculator, a Zero-Based Budget Tracker, and a Sinking Fund Tracker 
  • One 15 minute follow up session.

1-on-1    120 Minute Individual Coaching Session: Deep Dive into your Finances ONLY $197!)


  • A deep dive into your financial situation to be able to create a customizable realistic budget OR help refining your current budget
  • A plan to tackle debt and/or increase your savings
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Mini Investing 101 information dump to create actionable steps to start investing for your retirement and/or learning how to optimize your investments beyond retirement accounts
  • Three customizable google spreadsheets: an Emergency Fund Calculator, a Zero-Based Budget Tracker, and a Sinking Fund Tracker
  • How to get you started with Travel Hacking (optional)
  • One 15 minute follow up session

1-on-1    60 Minute Returning Client Check In (ONLY $97!)


  • One hour session for returning clients where we check in on their progress since their last session
  • We review plan to see what’s working or where we need to make adjustments 
  • And/or dive deeper into more advanced into other financial topics client chooses
  • One 15 minute follow up session

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I am a First-Gen Immigrant who grew up in a low income community who is on her way to building wealth on a teacher’s salary. I want to provide advice and educational resources to my community to help us LEVEL UP together, all while making this journey enjoyable! You do NOT have to deprive yourself of doing things you love while building wealth. Intentionality and balance are key and I can teach you how!